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Going Well
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A Warm Greeting <3

Unread post by Asmuty » 09 Jan 2012, 02:02

In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Dear Family of SudaMedica

Firstly, i would like to send my appreciation and astonishment to the founders of this humongous site
and tell them how grateful i am to see that such a wonderful work could be brought up by our own Sudanese youth

Honestly, I checked every bit of this site and it made me speechless. :D

the site really covered everything from A to Z. starting from choosing medical school to postgraduate materials
and i was glad with the full covering system used there

useful participations and also active participants. and very restricting rules ;o)
but i know the restrains comes for the site's own good... cuz if it weren't for them the hard work that these members put their sweat n blood on, will all be gone just like that
so from my place i salute you n courage u to keep your hard work
and inshallah we are behind you

i wished that i discovered this site earlier so i can be part of this family but here i am now
and i surly want to participate in this creations n never disappoint u

plz accept my regards
Asma :D

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