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Sudamedica's CNN inside the story MRCP USMLE UPTODATE

Unread post by becareman » 23 Jun 2013, 21:15

Story about the dream

In the 19th of MAY 2010 I was wondering around the parallel globe continuing what seems an endless journey started in the late of 2005 when I decided to leave SUDAN looking for a better chance for my dying dreams that were really dying inside of me under the effect of suppressors that handle them to aging mechanism to finish the job...

Since I was born in the middle of Sudan till that day I have never come across a potential dream that resemble this site...

A site through which I can give to my poor people for free all the material that I have spend a lot of time downloading and arranging ...
A site that feels my lost future, and my lost needs,and helps me to depend on my own, building my carrier and knowledge and grasp in my own hands the certificates and the post graduate degree that was exclusively given to somebody else on a political bases although everybody knows that I have nothing to do with politics , only this site among all other living creatures on earth considered these simple human need neutrally...

Only this site considered my poverty as it looks literally in the relativity of albert einstein and really touched the valve of the commitments' pressure...

I joined the site on that day with out knowing anybody here from the very few that I know now ...

Now I came to know that the dream needs to be supplied to grow...

I came to know that the site needs to be supported by MONEY to keep giving ...

I start to think does it worth it ... 10 dollars for a full exam site .... does it worth it for the uptodate .... does it worth it for golden peaces of advises and highlights on exams and registrations and immigration...

After thinking and extractions and judgments under the umbrella of the basic facts and principles of living once for short time that it has to be the right way, I realized that every topic in this site worth much much more than the 10 dollars and the help that I have got from topics that I have gone through out of the 2445 that were posted here does worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars...

I don't know how much it cost to maintain the site as I have no that relation with the owner that reached this point but after I knew the admins only through this path of aiding and giving I came to know that it really cost a punch of money to host, keep secure from viruses and intruders and call the newly registers for identity check...

Please all Sudamedica's lovers let us keep it up by 50 riyals or 10 dollars every few days or months according to your situation ...
and take it as a guaranty from me that even if the owner get few extra dollars from us after keeping his promise to maintain the site, it will be like from the upper hand to the lower in the hands of the owner but like from the lower hands -children - to the upper hands - father- in the hands of this lovely sites because we all believe in intentions and the truth is that it is all about intentions and the truth is that we all will die and be judged....


please feel free to comment whats so ever as I am eager to here from you all as a 100% Volunteer moderator for the site.
indeed I need your suggestions - supporters group - to keep it up high the way it is ....
Banks accounts in different banks and online donation are all available...

ان شاء الله ALLAH willing,

We Will Support Sudamedica
& forever
سوف ندعم سوداميديكا
والى الأبد

good luck every one
لكل شيءٍ إذا ما تم نقصانُ **فلا يُغرُّ بطيب العيش إنسانُ
هي الأيامُ كما شاهدتها دُولٌ**مَن سَرَّهُ زَمنٌ ساءَتهُ أزمانُ
ألا كل ما خلا الـلـه بـاطـل**وكل نعـيم لا مـحـالة زائل
وكل امرىء يوماً سيعرف سعيه**إذا حصلت عند الإله الحصائل
نسأل الله التوفيق للجميع في الدارين

M. I. T.
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Re: Sudamedica's CNN inside the story MRCP USMLE UPTODATE

Unread post by M. I. T. » 03 Aug 2013, 19:24

Many thanks Becareman...

This is the spirit that we want everyone to have

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