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New hope for the treatment of patients with epilepsy

Unread post by dralaa » 15 Jun 2013, 01:03

The researchers were able to stop the seizures severe in mice by planting special cells for once in their brains and managed these cells stop signaling pathway from infected cells that cause epileptic seizures, during the research published in the Journal of Neuroscience natural.
Scott said Braham, a researcher at the Neurosciences supervisor of this research: "increasing focus is now on research cell transplantation in the brain as an effective treatment for epilepsy treatment because current medications address the symptoms only and does not address the cause, and many cases of epilepsy can not be treated with drugs present" .
The researcher also noted that "the results obtained carry the possibility of hope to control epileptic seizures and reduce the incidence of mental problems in some patients."
The experiment also showed that the treated mice planting cells become less irritating and then eased hyperactivity, as well as to overcome some of the better IQ tests.
This is the first time where you can experiment to stop the human form to experimentally induced seizures in mice.
Recall that during epileptic seizures occur severe muscle spasms and is often associated with loss of consciousness leading to loss of self-control and fall causing severe harm to often. The reason behind the occurrence of such attacks is the presence of abnormal nerve signals from some of the cells in the brain.

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