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Primary immune dificiency

Unread post by Dr.Altayeb » 06 Feb 2012, 23:12

This is classified according to the type of cell line affected into :-
1-T-cells disorders: eg. DiGeorge syndrome.

2-B-Cell disorders:-
(i)Common variable immune dificiency.
(ii)Bruton's congenital agammaglobulinemia.
(iii)IgA deficiency.

3-Neutrophils disorders:-
(i)Chediak higashi syndrome.
(ii)Leukocyte adhesion deficiency.
(iii)Chronic granulomatous disease.

3-Combined B-&T-cell disorders:-

(i)severe combined immunodeficiency.
(ii)Wiskott aldrich syndrome.
(iii)Ataxic Telangectasia.

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