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Course: Management of Minor Illnesses for Pharmacists

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يعلن مركز النيل الأزرق للتدريب الطبي عن تنضيم دورة تدريبية للصيادلة بعنوان
Management of minor illnesses
تقديم:بروفيسور الخواض
ونخبة من الأخصائيين و الأستشاريين

course Objectives:

To assist pharmacists and doctors in maintaining and enhancing the quality of care and services provided to patients presenting with minor disorders.

Learning outcomes:

• Communication skills and patient counseling.
• List and describe the symptoms of each minor disorder.
• Recognize and describe danger symptoms and differential diagnoses for each minor disorder.
• Advice on appropriate over-the-counter (OTC) treatment options.
• Provide practical steps, where appropriate, to improve the symptoms of each minor disorder.

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