Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on SudaMediCa, The Sudanese Medical Community. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

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  2. Before Registration

    1. Registration in Sudanese Medical Community is EXCLUSIVE TO SUDANESE CITIZENS ONLY. Any None-Sudanese application will be rejected without a feedback. #
    2. We do not accept Arabic user names, Please fill your application form in English language only. #
    3. You MUST fill the required fields in our application form, as described next to each field (please read the instructions next to each field carefully)- Fill the form with true information, otherwise your application will be rejected. Our aim is to provide a good database for Sudanese Medical Professionals #
    4. You must provide your correct mobile phone number in the application form, we will contact you (call or text) to give you the instructions to activate your membership. If you receive a mobile text message with activation code, you have 7 days from receiving our instructions to activate your membership, otherwise our system will automatically delete your application and you will be required to apply again #
  3. New Members

    1. It is important to take a tour around the website once your membership is activated, to familiarize yourself with different sections, this will help you find the correct place for the resources you are looking for or trying to contribute with. #
    2. Downloading contents is NOT ALLOWED until member contributes to the web-site by any mean (educational materials sharing, useful suggestion, discussing relevant issues, presenting or discussing a medical condition or case...etc) with at least 3 USEFUL posts. Administration team will review your posts then activate the download option for you, after you post 3 useful posts - This may take up to 24 Hours. We have also added the option of financial contribution to the site, you may have life-time subscription when paying $10 through the donation and subscription section, in this case you will not be required to post the mandatory 3 USEFUL posts. For further information about the subscription and donations please click on the following image:
  4. Making Posts

    1. TOPIC TITLE MUST REPRESENT THE CONTENTS and TOPIC ICONS MUST BE USED when making a new topic or post (this is the only way others can know your post is about a presentation, notes, lecture or a guidelines)
      PowerPoint Presentation: Image
      Video: Image
      Audio: Image
      Short Notes on Certain Topics: Image
      Updates and Guidelines: Image

      The topic icons are available just above the subject or topic title
    2. Each material should be in its correct section (please take time to know the sections of SudaMediCa) #
    3. To prevent slowing down of our site, please make sure that the material you want to share is not already present. If the copy you want to upload is better or newer, you may just upload it to the same post of the other version/edition and request the admins to review and keep the best copy. You may use the search option (on top of each page on the site) to know if the material you are trying to post is already present or not. You may also take a look at the list of the available materials in each section by looking at different topics in each section #
    4. DO NOT post a material if you do not have the copyright or you do not have permission to share . As we can not monitor each post, we will delete any post that receives a complain about a copyrighted material. #
    5. Advertisements to private medical colleges / medications / medical equipment is not allowed by posting, all advertisers must contact site admins for advertising on our site. #
    6. No member is allowed to post Thank You (in any lingual form, including religious prayers), to pray for someone, pray silently, God will hear your prayers (they are more virtuous). to thank any member simply click the thanks button as shown here:
  5. General Rules

    1. If you face any problem or difficulties, please go to the ( Technical Support Forum ). If your question is not answered by the posts already present there, please make a new post and ask, our team is here to help you. #
    2. Any breach to any rule will result in a warning, a user who gets 3 warnings will have his/her account suspended for 2 week #
    3. These rules are subject to changes by members' suggestions and administrative views. We welcome all suggestions, please do not hesitate contacting the team through the technical support section. #